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Why Join Supply Chain Talent Match

This is a unique forum where professional Supply Chain candidates AND companies searching for Supply Chain talent can find each other by utilizing our Algorithm-Based Attribute Matching Software backed by the nation’s most experienced Supply Chain Recruiters.

CANDIDATES – By filling out our candidate tailored questionnaires, you get to anonymously describe yourself, your professional background, career aspirations, location, personal goals and even company culture for which you would be interested.

COMPANIES – By filling out our company tailored questionnaires, you get to describe your open position(s), requirements, duties, responsibilities, and even candidate personality traits that match with your organization.

Then, Supply Chain Talent Match, utilizing our Algorithm-Based Attribute Matching Software, will introduce the job openings to the candidates who Match your requirements. After the candidate(s) has a chance to review the opportunity, requirements, company culture, compensation, location preferences, etc., if he/she is interested in investigating and agrees to having his/her resume shared – the company will receive the resume for review.

After the data analytics are applied, Supply Chain Talent Match adds one more critical step. This is the human touch of an experienced Supply Chain Recruiting Specialist. This person will review the position description and the matching results before a candidate’s background is shared with the client. This value-add service is what differentiates us from the other big job boards, and, increases your success rate dramatically.

Candidates how do you do it?

Step 1. Click on the questionnaire that best describes your professional background so we can get to know you, your background, experience, skills and career desires. Complete the questionnaire.

Step 2. Load your resume.  Your Resume will never be shared until you tell us that you are interested in an opportunity.

Step 3. Start receiving, specifically tailored job opportunities. You remain in control of the process and decide if the opportunity is one that is interesting to you. It is Your Career and Your Decision!

Step 4. You reply to the opportunity and let us know if you are interested or not interested in advancing the interview process.

Step 5.  If you are interested in the opportunity, the company receives your resume.

Step 6.  We will advise you of the company’s level of interest and if they would like to begin the interview process.

Companies how do you do it?

Step 1. Click on the questionnaire that aligns with your open position(s). You will detail the role, background, skills, pay range, location and personality traits for which you are seeking. Complete the questionnaire.

Step 2. Supply Chain Talent Match by utilizing our Algorithm-Based Attribute Matching Software will send your open position(s) to those candidates who are a MATCH.

Step 3. Our specialized recruiters will review those candidates to make sure these matching candidates are highly qualified for your position.

Step 4. You will start receiving resumes of pre-qualified, pre-matched, candidates who have specifically expressed interest in your opportunity.

Step 4. You let us know who you would like to include into your interview process.

Step 5.  You take over the process through the hiring stage.

Are you looking to hire? Are your recruiting methods not attracting the candidates you need? Would you like to tap into the passive candidate market?

Click here to fill out our Contact Us form and one of our specialized supply chain recruiters will reach out to you…