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In 2017, Optimum Supply Chain Recruiters and Hart Executive Recruiting, two leading supply chain recruiting organizations, came together to develop a new concept for recruiting supply chain talent. A shortage of talent in the supply chain discipline along with increasingly ineffective recruiting tools required a paradigm shift in how companies attract the right talent to grow.

Many companies today turn to job boards to post their needs and yet, find them incredibly unproductive. The quantity of responses to these postings has grown while the quality of the candidates responding to the posting has diminished.

Moreover, employed candidates are being barraged by opportunities that they have no interest in pursuing. As a result, candidates have become calloused and less receptive even to those opportunities that might make sense.

This is how Supply Chain Talent Match evolved. Passive candidates can provide their information anonymously with the understanding that it will only be shared with their knowledge. Only opportunities that match their requirements will be considered. Candidates decide whether an opportunity is right for them before their resumes are submitted.

First, a candidate fills out a questionnaire detailing his or her experience and attributes. A company that has a need for supply chain talent fills out a similar questionnaire with desired candidate qualifications. Using a matching algorithm along with discipline-specific expertise, candidates’ capabilities are compared to the company’s requirements. Once that is completed, candidates are sent the company information and the position that aligns with their background and desires. Upon approval by each candidate, resumes are then sent to the company for review. With this information in hand, the company can reach out to these specific candidates to move along the hiring process.

This specialized service is offered at reduced fees that are as much as 1/3 that of standard engagement fees and are all based upon the company making a successful hire.

If you are a candidate interested in learning about opportunities that will advance your career or a company that is looking to hire that elusive candidate click on the questionnaire that best describes you.